Youth Voice @ The Thinkery!

More than 200 AISD kids spent the year working with the Media Awareness Project to produce media that matters! We had topics ranging from hunger to tenant’s rights to immigration reform. Our kids were so brave and honest, sharing their thoughts about issues that matter to them. They created social awareness campaigns and delivered them to their school campuses.

IMG_0195We wanted to make sure that THESE kids were seen and heard, and thanks to a grant from A Glimmer of Hope Austin and a very special partnership with the Thinkery, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

The Thinkery has agreed to host an on-going exhibit of our kid’s work including their videos, PSAs, podcasts, posters, graphic work and more! The exhibit opens on Community Night May 20th and will remain open through July 31, 2015, ensuring that all of Austin will get a chance to hear what impacts our youth.