Media Awareness Programs & Projects

We are a program-focused organization, meaning we employ best practices in delivering our services to youth. For us that includes incorporating youth voice in our planning & development. Take a moment to read more about our programs below. If you see a lightbulb next to a program title, it’s in our THINKubator. That means the idea or concept has passed through our initial evaluation and it’s an idea we believe in and are currently developing.

So Long Summer Fest

We are SO pleased to be collaborating with HOPE Outdoor Gallery and the City of Austin Parks & Rec Dept. on the 2nd Annual So Long Summer Fest. SLSF is the 1st Austin festival of its kind, for teens, by teens, featuring Art, Media, Music and Sports!

The Media Leadership Academy

YouthVoiceATX, Media Leadership, is an after-school program in which students in grades k-12 are exposed to a cross section of digital media skills to build social advocacy marketing campaigns on issues they self-select. Currently +225 students in Austin participate in Media Leadership programming every week.

Juvenile INjustice Project: 2015

Our organization is committed to creating a sustaining impact on youth involved in the court system. Each year we work to fund at least one ongoing digital media project that works with juvenile justice kids to unearth, explore and eradicate the stereotypes surrounding youth who find themselves court-involved. Our prior Juvenile Justice projects have involved working with JJ kids to create media around the Prison Rape Elimination Act and working to explore avenues for advocacy with court-ordered youth. This year’s project is focused on creating a narrative that explores the many difficult paths youth travel that lead to incarceration.

Re-imagine with YouthVOICE!

When YouthVOICE kids see something that bothers them, we get involved. Our ‘Re-imagine’ work takes on one challenge at a time and creates projects that allow kids to express their unique views on YouthVOICE in the community. We’re excited to announce a collaboration with Book People where a small group of thoughtful kids will collaborate to re-imagine the future of the teen magazine shelf. Learn more about the project and how YOU can help amplify YouthVOICE.

LIKE A BOSS: The Youth Philanthropy Project
It’s in the THINK-ubator and we are loving the development MAP Kids are doing on this idea. We’ve got a small team of youth founders who are asking why youth philanthropy is an opportunity that only exists for kids who come from affluent backgrounds. We think Youth Philanthropy is an excellent area to focus our digital media superpowers on . Stay tuned to learn more as we develop our youth steering committee.