MAP 14 _ 2Sponsorship Package


Dear friends of #YouthVOICE,
We’re excited to present our 2015 #YouthVOICE Sponsorship Packet. With the growth Austin is experiencing, it is critical to ensure that the voice of young people has a place in our community.  We believe kids and communities do better when youth have a voice in the programs, systems and services that govern their lives.Kids have a lot to say about the world they are living in and most people would be shocked to realize how much stress today’s youth are really coping with. The mission of YouthVOICE is to empower youth to create & use media for community engagement, cultural expression and social change. Our experience has been that it’s easy to find ways to incorporate YouthVOICE in the work (and play) of the community structure. Read on to learn more about we can support your organization’s mission and goals by working together to harness the power of #YouthVOICE! 

What is the Media Awareness Project?
Our most core value is making a place in this community for youth to participate with their voices and to share the experiences and perceptions of kids in order to build a stronger future for civic engagement and leadership.  Youth that engage with us do work that focusses on social awareness and social change. They examine the world they are living in through digital media projects, photography, video production, website & ap development, podcasting and media distribution. They also engage live with our community at #YouthVOICE events, including festivals, conferences and by working our extraordinary #YouthVOICE Social Media Command Center for sponsoring causes and organizations. In this way, we engage kids in real projects and opportunities that let them know we (as a community) need their participation NOW! And that they are valuable NOW!