So Much LOVE for our partners!

It would be impossible to reach the number of kids we work with every week without the support of the Austin business community. We know there are many amazing organizations to support in Austin and we feel especially proud that empowering youth voice is important to you. We believe (and we think you’ll agree) that kids and communities do better when youth have a voice in the programs systems and services that govern their lives. Many of our kids are working with very difficult economic circumstances and the stress that comes with that. Sometimes a kid’s voice is really all they have. 



Harnessing the power of Youth Voice!

One of the best things about what we do is that we get to work with and support some of the most amazing organizations in Austin, and there are a LOT of people here doing great work. We’re so proud to be a part of harnessing the power of #YouthVOICE to support the missions and work of central Texas nonprofits and causes. To learn more about how you can harness YouthVOICE to tell your story, shoot us an email: