Journey to Justice: A visual exploration of Juvenile Justice in America.

Opening: August 29, 2015 @ The George Washington Carver Museum. 1165 Angelina Street.  Austin, Texas 78702


We’re asking the hard questions with local kids in the Austin community. Without assumptions, we’re exploring an environment that spends more on incarceration than it does on education. We’re questioning what happens when all the support structures that are supposed to be in place, fall apart. You will not want miss looking through this window into complex and often hidden world. More info…

A part of the mission of the Media Awareness Project is to work with high risk youth that are involved with or at risk of being involved with the juvenile justice system. We’ve produced several projects with a focus on the intersection of youth and the criminal justice system and we have worked extensively with incarcerated youth as well as with youth on probation to raise awareness, increase economic mobility and reduce recidivism.