At a glance…

Our Mission
The Media Awareness Project was founded to empower youth to create & use media for community engagement, cultural expression & social change. It’s our mission to AMPLIFY #YouthVoice in Austin, Texas.

The Vision
We believe that youth and communities both benefit from #YouthVoice and that kids should be encouraged to participate in the systems, policies and programs that govern their lives.

It’s also our experience that organizations benefit from harnessing the power of #YouthVoice to tell their stories and share their work.

How we do it: 
  •  We engage #YouthVoice to create socially conscious media.
  • We engage kids in creating media campaigns around issues that are important to them.
  • We partner with organizations in central Texas to help them create youth-powered media that furthers their missions.
  • We teach digital media production across a wide variety of mediums including photography, graphic design, video production, pod-casting and website development.
  • Our programs work with schools, juvenile detention centers and government organizations.
  • We believe in paid living wage work for kids living in poverty where on-the-job experience can provide a pathway to career development.
  • Create economic mobility and reduce barriers to work.
  • Raise self-esteem & self-awareness through service learning.
  • Reduce juvenile delinquency and lessen dropout rates.
  • Make education more relevant.
  • Empower young people to develop and use their voice for social awareness.
  • Create pathways for entrepreneurship.
  • Connect. Collaborate. Create.



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