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What is interning with the Media Awareness Project like?

Interning with us is a hands-on experience. Our model for working with kids and production is to be a Community of Practice and that theme runs all the way through our organizational structure. You won’t be making the coffee (unless you happen to be grabbing some) or photocopying documents. As an intern with us you’ll be working with kids & producing media.  You’ll get a lot of exposure to the issues that American youth, and particularly Austin youth, are coping with, and you’ll learn a lot about the city you live in! If you have a passion for digital media, high risk kids & social justice, this is the gig for you.  Many of our interns go on to work with us in permanent positions while they build their professional experience.

What will my schedule be like?

General hours for interning are between 3 – 6 p.m. Mondays through Fridays and flexible times (program dependent) on weekends, if that’s of interest. We prefer someone who can commit to working with us 4 afternoons a week, although we do sometimes bring on an intern who is available less than that.

Is it paid?

We offer our interns a small stipend after they have completed one semester of successful internship.  We are also setup to provide you with college credit for your internship.

What areas of focus/study are the best for this position?

If you are digital savvy, majoring in Education, Social Work, RTF, Political Science, Public Affairs or have an obsession with high risk kids and social justice, you would be a great fit. You MUST have a passion for #YouthPoweredMedia and be able to explain why it matters.

Will I do any type of other production work as an intern?

The Media Awareness Project does operate a small production company and we always pull from our staff (including interns) to work on productions with us. If you’re interested in that as an opportunity, be sure to let us know.

What do our past interns have to say about their experience with the Media Awareness Project?

Interning with Media Awareness Project was an eyeopening experience that stretched me in ways I didn’t know possible. As a communication major at the University of Texas, I chose the internship to allow myself to obtain some production skills. However, what proved to be much more rewarding was seeing the excitement that we brought to the kids. Media Awareness Project was a truly unforgettable experience!

D.S. – University of Texas; Class of 2014