We have learned that many great organizations serving kids don’t have the chance to really harness the power of #YouthVOICE to help them tell their stories. We’ve been able to powerfully help nonprofits and cause-driven organizations tell their stories more authentically by working with kids to capture #YouthVOICE and input.Whether you are looking to create a fundraising video for a benefit, auction or email – or you’re looking to tell your story visually in an organizational video or a year-end review, Our  ability to bring kids to the project and work with them to elicit youth perspective is invaluable!



Work with us! We will help you bring your vision to life by harnessing #YouthVOICE to tell the story of your organization, to grow your audience or to spread your mission. You do good work, and so do we. Let's do something together!


We will help you travel from concept to execution while setting metrics to measure how video is working for your organization and what return you are getting on your media investment. We'll walk you through everything from planning for media as a part of an organizational budget to executing a strategy that makes everyone on your team think like a producer.

Let's do it!

Texas Appleseed

We’ve been partnering with Texas Appleseed for several years to help them create media that connects their audience visually to the incredible work they do. Our projects have covered topics that range from the School to Prison Pipeline to Homeless Youth in Texas. We feel really privileged to be able to help Texas Appleseed share their work in this way. And we’ve been able to involve youth in the production of these projects – bringing them more deeply into an awareness about the value of their experiences.


Since many of our students have the experience of struggling with domestic violence, relationships challenges and healthy connections with others, it made sense that we would embrace a project with EXPECT RESPECT – the educational arm of SafePlace. Kids at Paredes Middle School not only got to participate in programming but also worked to help us produce this video.

Community Yoga

We are completely enamored with the mission of Community Yoga: To make the tools of yoga, mindfulness, and other evidence-based wellness practices available to all members of our community. And they practice what they preach! With outreach programs to prisoners, children living in poverty and victims of trauma, what they do is inspiring. If you’ve ever felt spiritual relief from a practice like Yoga or meditation then you will understand why it meant so much for us to make this video for them.

Glimmer of Hope

We’re really proud to say that Media Awareness Project is part of the Glimmer of Hope family. Glimmer was one of the first supporters of the vision we had for working with high risk kids in Austin to help them find and use their voice. But that’s not why we helped them produce this organizational video. If you’ve ever met David Porter III or Donna Berber, you know that their love and passion for this community seems to have no bottom. Glimmer has been pouring money into some of the most innovative ideas to confront poverty in this city FOREVER.