Getting to know the Media Awareness Project!

See some of the work!

The CORE VALUES for our programs are innovation and excellence in execution. If you have a great idea that you can’t teach kids, you’ve failed. If you’re a great teacher without strong innovative curriculum – it’s a fail. Our programs are custom made for EVERY situation we walk into.

  • After-school Enrichment

    We do more than just teach kids how to use media after school – we build a community of kids in our classes. Whether they are working on YouthVOICE TV or becoming MEDIA LEADERS – it’s hands on and all in and we’re talking about things that matter.

  • In-school Enrichment

    Magic happens when our programs pair up with teachers, librarians and counselors to add a vivid and engaging media aspect to curriculum development. We also help connect projects happening in school and on campus to the community at large through exhibits, events and community awareness activities.

  • Professional Development

    Some educators are TOTALLY hip to media and feel really comfortable using it. Others find themselves wanting to hide under a rock when it comes to integrating media in the classroom setting. Wherever you fall, our Professional Development opportunities will open your eyes to the most cutting edge and innovative ways to work with kids and media. After all, YOUTH MEDIA ENGAGEMENT is our specialty!

Media Leaders

We teach kids how to create and use media for community engagement, cultural expression and social change. This includes teaching social awareness marketing, video production, website development, podcasting, media literacy, social media engagement, photography and fine arts with a social emotional focus.

  • Media-Artist-in-residence

    Everyone needs a person! The Media-artist-in-residence is YOUR person – your go to for bringing campus needs, activities and successes to life. This resident is devoted to targeting specific ways you and your students

  • Youth VOICE TV

    It’s ON! We’re teaching kiddos to produce short TV style segments on everything from Science Minute to Moment of Zen. TEK standards DO apply and we’re honing our roaming journalist skills.