and it keeps us up at night.

The Media Awareness Project is an Austin based 501c3 dedicated to empowering kids to create and use media for community engagement, cultural expression and social change.

We were founded in 2011 by a small group of social entrepreneurs who had a bold idea, a background in production and a desire to work with high-risk kids who would otherwise find themselves without a voice and without representation in this community.

We achieve our mission by focusing on creating programs and opportunities for high-risk kids to discover and develop their voice around the situations and circumstances that shape their lives.

We work with school districts, juvenile detention centers and community partners to enhance the ability of kids to use their voices and to connect with others.

We believe that kids and communities do better when youth have a voice in the systems and services that govern their lives.

We believe that an investment NOW in listening to and incorporating children’s thoughts, ideas and opinions results in a long term gain in their commitment to culture and community.

We are a COMMUNITY of PRACTICE – we all learn together as we embrace new projects and attempt to expand our ability to communicate and connect with others through the use of our voice.

We find innovative ways to connect #YouthVOICE with the Austin community, social justice leaders and nonprofit organizations.

There Are approximately
Homeless students in AISD.

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