Media Leadership Academy

Mapgirls2We are so excited to announce our fall after school program! All students in MAP programs will participate in the Media Leadership Academy.  Each of our programs will self-select (either in class or with their school leadership) an issue they want to raise awareness about.  Our incredible instructors will then lead our students through the process of creating a (digital media) social awareness campaign to be delivered on their school campus and to the Austin community.

This project is exciting because it teaches the students digital media skills while they are participating in a service learning project that benefits the community.  The critical focus of this program is on having students see themselves as participants in the civic process and as capable of being change-makers.

Our kiddos will have the chance to practice website development, graphic design, video production and many other forms of digital media used to raise awareness.  And they will see their work realized both on their school campus and in the community at large.

Because this is an expensive endeavor, MAP has been working hard to build a lot of outside support for this program.  Students will have a print budget. They’ll be invited to share their work at a community wide awareness event.  We’re building a website -not developed as of this posting – ( where each of our schools will have a student-run page.  It’s going to be an exciting revolution in after school programming!

For questions about the Media Leadership Academy or the Media Awareness Project, please contact our Creative Director, Nina Medeiros at 818-512-0819.