We’re hiring TALENT!

We’re always  looking for great TALENT

Who we are: The Media Awareness Project is a nonprofit dedicated to teaching youth how to create and use digital media for community engagement, cultural expression and social change. A part of our mission includes putting the right kids to work on real productions with working professionals.

Who we hire: We hire all positions from pre-post production. We are always looking for people with strong backgrounds in graphic design and AE.  We also look for working professionals who have an interest in teaching with us. We hire youth for our Youth Producer positions. We also hire actors and talent for many of our shoots. Send us your current resume and please note your specialty.

How do I get involved: Please send an email with resume (and if appropriate- headshot) to Nina@MediaAwarenessProject.org   Call with questions: 818-512-0819.  Youth must be able to obtain parent or guardian signed permission (in the way of releases) to participate in production projects.

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