MAP programs in AISD a huge success!


As the school year ends, we just want to congratulate our MAP kids and instructors for a truly incredible year.

MAP programming is essentially focused around giving kids the knowledge, power and tools to create media for cultural expression, community power and social change and this year’s MAP kids went above and beyond.  Students in our AISD programs worked collaboratively with MAP professionals to help create videos for Safeplace, Community Yoga, Glimmer of Hope and Launchpad.

MAP recognizes that the purpose of after school programming is to bring curriculum out of the classroom and into a child’s real world experience.  Kids need a venue to practice these skills they are learning.  The Nonprofit Project serves the community of Austin in a very special way. It helps organizations who are working tirelessly for the most vulnerable and powerless of our citizens to spread the word about their good work. As media makers who run a nonprofit, we know how critical good video is, and also how expensive (and sometimes cost prohibitive) it can be.  The future of nonprofit awareness and fundraising will be defined by digital media.  The writing is on the wall. Everyone needs to be using it.   Lastly, as a community, we need to teach kids that their community needs them now. It’s not necessary to wait to graduate high school or go to college to make a difference.  MAP kids learn that every day is an opportunity to bring the critical and important voice of youth media to social justice.

If you would like to know more about our programs or would like to consider bringing a MAP program to your school, please contact our Creative Director: Nina Medeiros 818-512-0819.  

If you’re a nonprofit that would like to be considered for the 2014-2015 Nonprofit Project, [typography font=”Covered By Your Grace” size=”24″ size_format=”px” color=”#0b9c15″] apply now![/typography]

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