Is your grant application missing something?

Grant -writing is a critical skill for those of us working in the non-profit sector, and budgeting a grant proposal can make even the most seasoned professional want to head for the hills.  As you budget, have you considered adding production costs to your application?  Incorporate funds for video into your grant proposals. Providing multi-platform publicity for your organization and your project makes your application stronger. A great project is a powerful thing. What’s more powerful? To spread the word about what your doing. This will increase not only your competitiveness in the grant market, but also your ability to rally your donors and to keep your base informed about what you’re doing.  
If your organization is wanting to build more media content in the form of video, one easy way to do this is to create video.  Whether you plan to use video to distribute project news via social media or local media, the cost of production is an important consideration when budgeting. But exactly how do you know what to budget when including video production in your grant proposal?
What’s cheap isn’t good and what’s good (generally) isn’t cheap, and nowhere is this saying more apt than in the art of production.  It takes money to bring out a camera crew, a professional lighting expert an audio team and a good editor, but the outcomes are infinitely stronger than what you shoot on your mini-cam in the backyard. Realize that social media venues make getting money for your cause exponentially stronger. Nothing captures hearts, minds and wallets like compelling video, period.  The cost of professional production is well worth the expense and grant funders know that.  BUILD IT INTO YOUR BUDGET.
So what does it cost?
While there is no set fee for video production, you can estimate loosely that a 60-90 second piece can be done well for about $3500.  
At MAP, we have an innovative strategy of meeting our mission (giving at-risk kids employable skills in production) and producing great video. You get a beautiful product. We get to employ our kids (with our film professionals) on real working projects. It’s been a winning strategy for us and many of our partners have been able to use our services simply by incorporating the costs into their grant proposals. Since most of our partners work with at-risk kids, we often can create a workshop experience for the kids while producing these projects. 
If you would like more info on how to produce better video for your cause, shoot us an email. We’d love to chat!

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