“I regret staying out of prison, getting an education and changing my life” – said NO ONE ever!

At the Media Awareness Project we know circumstances can feel defeating. Today’s kids are facing more complex challenges than ever. With high levels of incarceration, poverty, drug addiction and  general anxiety, many of today’s youth find themselves faced with the incredibly difficult task of raising themselves.  We are one of many amazing organizations working hard to help kids build a tangible road out of despair.  We believe there are only two choices in life: Give up or move forward.

We have high expectations of our young film producers, and contrary to what many believe, kids like that. They appreciate knowing what is expected of them, and they appreciate the confidence we have in their ability to deliver.

What do we expect of our youth producers? Be honest. Tell real stories. Be willing to take risks, try new things. Set aside what you think you know about yourself and the world around you. Discover. Research. Learn. Ask questions. Ask for help. Show up-on time please!  Love your neighborhood, your families, but begin to examine what it would look like to create a separate path, a path just for you. Move in the direction of your dreams – your experience is your most valuable asset. It is your power, your strength, the foundation of all you can become. MAP will always be here to support you.


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