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Interesting results from a new survey by Convio speak volumes about the direction fundraising is heading for nonprofits:

According to a new study released by Convio, Edge Research, and Sea Change Strategies, an out-dated approach to online fundraising may be costing non-profits as much as $100 billion.

That’s a powerful number, but unfortunately for non-profit organizations, less than half of respondents thought that charities were doing enough to connect with them online. The days of lengthy white papers and mission statements are over.

“The main theme that jumped out at us is that major donors are very active online with the intention of becoming even more so when it comes to their philanthropic support. Based on what these important donors told us, we believe a tremendous opportunity exists for nonprofit organizations to better leverage their online presence.”  

   Vinay Bhagat; Founder @ Convio    

The wealthy are wired and they have expectations about how organizations should communicate their purpose and needs.  The upside is that the internet makes this relatively simple (and inexpensive) to do compared to older and more outdated models of raising funds. So let me ask you, have you switched gears?  Here’s a little motivation:

1. Bring stories to life: 60 seconds can cover a wealth of information donors used to have dig for. 

2. Make an emotional connection: Nothing says gratitude like the face of the people you work for. 

3. Raise awareness of real life problems: Raising awareness is about communicating a vision for a better future.

4. See it to believe it: Video allows an organization to communicate exactly what it needs. 

5. Endorse this: It’s a message that can be shared immediately around the world. 

6. Train your volunteers – digitally: Create a consistent standardized message  with less staff. 

7. Concision is king: Don’t make them beg for it. Tell them exactly who you are and what you want them to do. 

8. Is your press kit electronic yet: Why not? EPKs make it easy for media to communicate your story. 

9. Video presence works: It means faster cheaper distribution to your target market. 

10. It’s cost efficient: The costs of video production pale in comparison to older strategies. 

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