MAP has a crush on big business…

At the Media Awareness Project we focus on building media-savvy skills, mainly in our kids. But all of us, children and adults alike, are mass consumers of all sorts of media, and are affected by the various messages different kinds of media sends. Big business gets a lot of flack in the press, and often for good reason, but it’s much more rare to see the media shine a light on the things big business is doing right. For example, we are in the process of trying to secure a lot of production equipment to bring our programs to more kids in the Austin and Central Texas area. This morning I thought I’d post about Time Warner’s “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” program

Time Warner and have partnered to create a contest to inspire kids to dream up ideas that would make their communities and their world even cooler, and this year’s finalists are pretty darn inventive. Among other things, there’s a bone analyzer, an i-Stand and a coffee filter that makes you healthier (now that’s a kid whose parents are serious about their coffee!)

Check it out and let’s be sure that we acknowledge as a society when big business gets it right.

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