Our Mission

The Media Awareness Project exists solely for the purpose of empowering youth by giving them a voice!  The tools necessary for inquiry, expression and understanding of media are 21st century skills critical for every child to succeed.  We create programs that use hands-on training in media production as a vehicle for teaching kids to think critcally about and explore the world of media that engulfs them.  The development of these specific skills is a vehicle for media literacy and economic opportunity.

Our model reaches children effectively because it is immediate and accessible. Everyone has a voice, but having a voice is not enough. We must learn to use it as a tool for conscious and balanced living.  MAP engages kids in an immersion of learning through the visual arts. As they build tangible media products, they learn to advocate for themselves and others, inspiring awareness, compassion and community.  They are able to explore both the challenges and opportunities of a young person’s life collaboratively. By demonstrating that social change is possible, the Media Awareness Project constructs a physical experience of peer-directed learning and mentorship. MAP, in partnership with our young people, is challenging the social perceptions of what is possible for kids, particularly at-risk youth who may have limited exposure to many of these ideas.  It is our mission to be a vehicle for voice.

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