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2015 brings #YouthVOICE to Austin, Texas. It’s our mission to amplify the power of youth voice for kids and communities. Get connected here.  Don’t Miss it!
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So Long Summer Fest
Gather your squad and spearhead endless opportunities to shamelessly self-promote your greatness at what’s shaping up to be the biggest party of the year! BTW, did we mention it’s free?Sign up!
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We believe that children’s relationship with media demands action & investment and we host an ongoing variety of community programs both in schools and the community, to serve youth in and around Central Texas.  Get Involved
Welcome to the Media Awareness Project!
Thank you for visiting the official website of the Media Awareness Project. We are located in Austin, Texas and committed to empowering youth voice through media at a local, regional and national level. From here, you can explore many areas of our site, and we hope you will spend a little time getting to know the kid’s we serve and how they feel about the power of media in their lives. The intersection of youth & media is one of the most important to explore for the well-being of kids everywhere! We don’t need to TEACH kids to use media; THEY ARE USING IT! It’s our job to teach them how to be empowered by it, how to view it as a tool and how to use it to shape their voice. If you should have any questions at all about what we’re doing, how it’s working, or how to empower youth in YOUR community through media, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Jesse Medeiros; Executive Director