The Media Awareness Project has been amplifying YouthVOICE in Austin, Texas since 2011. We are so proud of the work our girls media class produced at Paredes Middle School this fall. #OurGirls #BigVoice #YouthVoiceMatters

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It’s our mission to EMPOWER YOUTH VOICE and to connect it to our community! We think everyone does better when kids have a voice in the systems, services and institutions that govern their lives. Follow us on Facebook or sign up for our email list to stay on top of where our programs are happening in the community and to learn more about what we do.

We work with
Austin kids in Title 1 schools every week!

Summer with The Media Awareness Project + Safe Alliance Austin

This summer youth working with Safe Alliance Austin joined with the Media Awareness Project to create a visual reflection representing their views and opinions about the world they live in and how they perceive life and are perceived by others. The time we spent with the kids re-inforced for us the importance of making sure that as a community we are not only exploring the power of youth voice but encouraging it.


See the videos!

We think you’ll agree that the #kidsareallright

If we do not consider the voices and input of children when they are young, when exactly do they learn that their voice is important? That it has the power to change their own life and the lives of others?Nina Medeiros; Executive Director